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Fresco Hours:
Mon - Thu 11am - 9pm
Fri - Sat 11am – 10pm
Sun 10am – 9pm
Shops at Springton Point
228 S. Newtown Street Rd.
Newtown Square, PA 19073
*Because we strive to give our patrons fresh and healthy
choices, all our fried foods are deep fried in trans fat free oils.*


Chicken Tacos  10.99

Grilled chicken in our taco sauce, black beans, shredded cheddar, shredded romaine and our signature avocado sour cream sauce on flour tortilla.


Fish Tacos  11.99

Lighttly floured and pan sauteed sea bass, shredded lettuce, pico, our exlusive creamy avocado dressing, garnished with water cress, on corn tortilla, served with our havd cut chips


Crab Cake Sliders   10.99

Our signature , hand formed Crab Cakes on mini Brioche buns, topped with our home made tartar sauce  and served with our Fresco hand cut chips


Filet Mignon Sliders   15.99

Intense flavor from three petite filets, seansoned and grilled, topped with caramelized onions, our Dijon spread, and Fontina cheese on LeBus mini Brioche buns, served with our gourmet breaded onion rings


Spanakopita  6.99

 Delicious spinach and feta cheese wrapped in philo dough swirl.


Santa fe Quesadilla
  Grilled chicken, smoked bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, red onion, Monterey Jack Cheese.  Served with a side of sour cream  1-2 ppl $10.99  3-4ppl $15.99
Chicken Quesadilla

Monterey Jack, Cheddar, cheese, grilled chicken, served with sour cream, guacamole, and pico-de gallo on the side.(diced tomato,

red onion, jalapeno)...1-2 ppl $9.99  3-4ppl $13.99

Mediterranean Quesadilla
  Feta, parmesan, cream cheese, fresh basil, tomato, Kalamata olives, grilled on tortilla...1-2 ppl $9.99  3-4ppl $13.99
Fresh Fries
  Our own fresh cut fried potatoes...$4.99    add cheese..$2.00
Cajun Fries
  Our fresh fries with a cajun seasoning...$5.49    add cheese..$2.00
Butter Lemon Wings  11.99
  10 large wings, coated in lemon butter, parsley,scallion, spicy sauce, served with side of Blue Cheese.
Classic Buffalo Wings
  10 wings deep fried and dipped in a traditional hot sauce...$10.99
Grilled Calamari
  Calamari sauteed with extra virgin olive oil, lemon, and a hint of garlic, topped with fresh herbs, served with a side of spring mix..$10.99.

Fried Calamari

Served with our best Marinara and a lemon wedge...$10.99


Mussels Marinara
  Steamed mussels bathing in our fresh signature marinara sauce...$11.99
Mussels Bianco
  Steamed mussels in our signature white wine sauce...$11.99
Greco Fried Pepper
  Fried banana peppers topped with our fresh tomato-feta sauce...$8.99
  Diced Roma tomatoes marinating in extra virgin olive oil and fresh herbs, on toasted LeBus baguette..$6.99
Steak Cut Onion Rings
  Thick cuts of onions, with a seasoned gourmet breading...$6.99
Fried Mozzarella Cheese
  Breaded mozzarella cheese served with our signature marinara...$7.99
Chicken Fingers & Fries
  Three breaded chicken tenders served with our fresh fries...$8.99

Proudly serving "COLEMAN NAURAL" Chicken       NO ANTIBIOTICS

                                                                                 NO ADDED HORMONES

                                                                                    NO PRESERVATIVES


Coleman Gluten Free Chicken Fingers

served with our fresh fries...$10.99


LeBus French Banquette
  Sliced French baguette served with extra virgin olive oil, sprinkled with rosemary spice blend...$3.99
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