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Fresco Hours:
Mon - Thu 11am - 9pm
Fri - Sat 11am – 10pm
Sun 12pm – 9pm
Shops at Springton Point
228 S. Newtown Street Rd.
Newtown Square, PA 19073
We Use Only Premium Ingredients and Make
Our Sauce From Fresh Plum Tomatoes.
- Many of our pizzas are garnished with our signature herbs and Asiago shavings -


We now offer 12" Gluten Free Pizza dough and

14" whole wheat pizza dough!


Pizza  Philadelphia   *NEW

     Premium Rib Eye chopped Philly style, carmalized onions, Plum tomato sauce,

     shredded mazzarella and white Cheddar cheese.   Small $15.99    Large $21.99


Pizza Sotosopra
  This pizza highlights Fresco’s exceptional sauce, which tops our premium provolone cheese and is then topped with a generous cover of parmesan cheese Small... $12.99     Large... $17.99
Pizza Fiesta
  A visual party on our crust...Grilled chicken avocado, crispy bacon, lots of pico de-gallo, romaine lettuce, mozzarella and Gouda cheese, and our secret sauce. Small... $14.99 Large... $20.99
Pizza Dulce
  (White) Fun! Fun! Fun! Crispy chicken tenders laid out on a blend of fresh mozzarella and shredded mozzarella, drizzled with two of our signature sweet sauces. Small... $13.99    Large... $19.99
  (White) Gouda cheese, mozzarella cheese Gorgonzola cheese, grilled chicken, mushrooms, and prosciutto Small... $14.99 Large... $19.99
B.B.Q. Chicken
  (White) Grilled chicken topped with delicious sweet B.B.Q. Sauce and with a blend of signature cheeses. Small... $14.99  Large... $20.99
  (White) Italian sausage, Portobello mushrooms, artichoke hearts, fire roasted peppers, Fontina cheese Small... $15.99    Large... $21.99
  A blend of flavorful premium Italian meats, mozzarella cheese and red sauce. Small... $13.99    Large... $19.99
  Feeling a little devilish? We dare you to eat the heat. Sinfully hot with spicy tomato
sauce, jalapenos, fire roasted hot peppers, pepperoni, Italian sausage, and Gouda. Small... $14.99   Large... $20.99

Grilled eggplant, fire roasted peppers, Kalamata olives, baby spinach, mushrooms, red onion, fresh mozzarella, Feta cheese.

Small... $14.99   Large... $20.99

  (White) Roma tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, Fresco garlic spread with fresh basil. Small... .$13.99    Large... $19.99
  Tomato sauce, Canadian bacon, green peppers, Portobello mushrooms, Gouda cheese and fresh mozzarella. Small... $14.99     Large... $20.99

(White) A heavenly cheese blend consisting Feta, fresh mozzarella, shredded mozzarella and Asiago cheese and Fresco garlic spread.

Small... $13.99    Large... $19.99

  Tomato sauce, Italian sausage, fire roasted peppers, caramelized onions, and mozzarella cheese.     Small... $13.99     Large... $19.99
Buffalo Chicken
  (White) Spicy grilled chicken, Gorgonzola cheese, fresh mozzarella cheese. Small... $14.99    Large... $20.99
  Tomato sauce, grilled eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, Roma tomatoes, Mozzarella cheese and Gorgonzola cheese.   Small... $13.99    Large... $19.99
Chicken Florentine
  Tomato sauce, grilled marinated chicken, Imported Prosciutto DiParma, baby spinach, Romano and fresh Mozzarella.   Small... $14.99   Large... $20.99
Peppers Tigani
  Tomato sauce, pan fried frying peppers, Feta cheese, basil and fresh mozzarella. Small... $13.99   Large... $19.99
Pizza Thalasa
  (White) Baby shrimp, baby scallops, green peppers, Fontina cheese, mozzarella cheese and finally a touch of our signature white cream sauce. Fresh basil and parsley sprinkled on top. Small... $18.99    Large... $27.99
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